Changelog eMule v0.49c Applejuice v3.2:
August, 1. 2009
based on Xtreme v7.2

- fixed 3 possible crashes in Community List
- fixed possible crash in Applejuice Community communication code
- fixed possible crash on Xtreme upload health code
- reduced CPU usage of Applejuice Community clients
- fixed possible crash on clients-code
- fixed bug in Create New Kad Hash causing Kad status firewalled because of Kad obfuscation
- fixed bug in Applejuice-version of drop blocking sockets

File Buffer:
- increased max filebuffer size to 100 MB
- increased default filebuffer size to 12 MB
- increased filebuffer size slider tic trequency to 1.0 MB

- set max allowed Slotspeed to 20 KB/s
- changed max allowed slotspeed so that it is a bit lower

- removed Anti Mod-Thief detection for Applejuice modstring (not needed because we have the community to check if it is a fake mod)
- removed ShareHunt web search
- some minor changes and fixes

- added new Community client icons
- added new Community Clients to Applejuice Community Statistics
- moved new Xtreme features from extended page to connection 2 page

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eMule v0.49c Applejuice v3.2
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